Always be confident:

There is a deep relationship between self-love and having firm confidence and belief in yourself. If you
are enough confident and happy with yourself, you will enjoy more what life offers you. Allow me to tell
you a joke which someone told me years ago: Two friends met in the street, one of them was really
injured, first one asked “what happened to your head”? he replied with joy that my lover hit me with a
flower…. Really then how did you got injured? The second one asked with shock… There was pot with
the flower too… said the first one contentedly. It is just like this… If you truly love something you don’t
bother what hurdles and obstacles are in the way. In the same way if you love yourself, you will not
bother about the hardships of life because deep down you always know that everything is happening for
a reason and things will surely going to be okay.

Don’t Rely on others for your own happiness:

There is a need and strong desire in every one of relying on someone, leaning on their shoulder and
relaxing but sadly these things often happen in fairy tales but not in real life. People are so busy with
their own stuff that they don’t have time and energy for others so never wait for someone to buy you
meal or flowers, be bold to take yourself out on a date, watch your favorite movie again and again, do
what makes you happy, smile from eyes and heart, think positive things for the sake of your mental
health, stay away from the toxic ones who force you to think that every time they are innocent, and the
fault is only yours, sip coffee leisurely, take some time for small things, clean your closet, and try to stay
away from negative thoughts.

Make a habit of reading:

If you are someone who don’t like to read books, do yourself a favor and start reading now because it is
never late to start. We will not discuss physical benefits of reading a book here but mental and
emotional ones. Making a habit of reading good books is like you are willing to give yourself to a fairy
who will hold your hand and take you to a faraway and unseen world. Once you indulge in reading that
book either it is historical fiction or romance, you will totally forget about your hardships. You will start
to use your imagination and lost in that world. Someone who read book start to live from the
character’s perspective, laugh on their happiness and cry on their sufferings. Reading a good book is one
of the best therapy in the world to keep you calm and contented.

Self-love is not a crime:

Just like you love others you should love yourself too. It is not a crime to love and care about your own
self. You are the one who is taking care of others all the time so why you have to feel guilty if you make
some time for yourself. Self-love should be mature enough to realize that your body and soul has the
right on you and just like any other rights you have to fulfill your own rights as well.

– Sherontelle Dirskell